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Jiyofresh – You have a new ‘wellness’ wisher in your life!

Dr. Suyog Dandekar believes in not just administering treatment to those who need it, but in caring for the complete health of people.

He started Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort to render holistic treatments to patients in congenial, healthful surroundings and under the supervision of experts. However, in order to reach the benefits of Ayurveda to the largest possible number of people, he went that extra mile to develop the Jiyofresh range of products and to make it accessible across the state of Maharashtra through Jiyofresh Shoppees. Jiyofresh is a wide array of pure Ayurvedic medicines, health supplements and cosmetics that cater to every health issue of men, women, young and old. These products are available online as a well as at Jiyofresh shoppes where patients can also avail of doctors free consultation.
Patients can thus rest assured that Jiyofresh is with them in every way to help them live a healthful life. This is precisely why brand Jiyofresh plays the role of your wellness wisher!
The uniqueness of Jiyofresh lies in the principle of diagnosis on the basis of the patient’s birth date. Every individual has a unique constitution that is determined by the natural conditions and season when they were born. Dr. Dandekar’s team specializes in assessing the patient’s health from the birth date, which helps in accurate design of treatment, making it that much more efficacious.

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