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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Anukul Tablets : Ultimate Pleasure (30 Tablets)

Anukul Tablets : Ultimate Pleasure (30 Tablets)

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Product Description for Anukul Tablets:

The controller of all the organs, feelings and systems in our body is the brain and our brain works with the help of the combination of multiple nerves. The Anukul Tablets by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh is an amazing product that helps to improve all the disorders related with the nerves present in our body.
This tablet contains Purna Chandrada ras that is makaradhwaj, Kawachbeej tablet and vanga bhasma. The product is processed in gokhru and talim khana decoction.
The lifestyle of the modern people has completely changed these days. There are a string of things that keep people engaged all day long and this causes stress. The number of hours people work in this pandemic work from home situation has increased and this is a great reason for the nerves to become weak and for various nerve related problems. 
The Anukul tablets are very beneficial for our nerves and help our nerves to gain back their lost energy and momentum. It is very crucial for our nerves to be energised as only then we can lead happy and cheerful lives. The ingredients in these tablets reduce the weakness of nerves and fight against it. It also helps to release the pain in nerves, the malfunction of nerves and the feeling of numbness.
It also helps in severe cases of spondylosis and can also be taken when you have been suggested for an operation as it is a drug of choice in case of nerve compression. It is also used to reduce vata dosha and weakness.

Key Ingredients in Anukul Tablet:

  • Purna Chandrarada Ras (Makaradhwaj)
  • Kawajbeej
  • Vanga Bhasma
  • Processed in Gokhru and Talim Khana

How to Use?

You should take one tablet at bedtime or early in the morning with lukewarm milk.
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Customer Reviews

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P B Bhave


khup chan result ahe

Maza mr. na khup chan fayada zala hya tablet cha.
Thank you Dr. dandekar sir.

Aditya N.
Very nice

Using this product from 3 months, having nice experience