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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Body Heat Combo | Super Saver Combo

Body Heat Combo | Super Saver Combo

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Raktashanti syrup

‘Rakta’ means blood and ‘shanti’ means to be at peace or to calm down, and therefore this product is used to cut down the heat in our blood, especially in children. Some kids are hyperactive, and the high energy makes their blood warmer, which is not beneficial. Raktashanti syrup is also capable of treating issues such as:

  • Burning in eyes
  • Burning sensations
  • Acidity
  • Pitta related diseases


Take 4 teaspoons twice in a day

Tanutwak oil

The Tanutwak Oil by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh, is a product made for your skin. It helps the skin to glow, and stay nourished from within. The word Tanutwak is made up of two syllables "Tanu" and "twak". "Tanu" means Beautiful and "twak" means skin, so the word collectively means beautiful and flawless skin.
The product is exclusively made for your skin. Human skin contains Bhrajak pitta, and therefore it is very sensitive to heat.

Tanutwak Oil is the best way to reduce the heat in the body, starting from your head to the tip of your toes. Some people comparatively have more heat in their bodies, and they should massage their bodies with this oil to cut down the excessive heat to eliminate skin irritation.

Benefits of Using Tanutwak Oil:
Baby Massage: As baby's have a very delicate skin, Tanutwak oil is the perfect solution for baby massage.
Skin Problems: Dark spots, dull skin
Useful to reduce excessive heat in the body
Useful in Irritability and Allergies of Skin
Useful in Urticaria
Useful in Fungal Infections
Perfect Solution for kshardharmi people in all Vaat related disorders

How to use?

Just before having your bath, gently apply Tanutwak Oil all over your body and do some light exercises and then have a bath. 


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