Epica Oil: Burn Subcutaneous Fat

Epica Oil: Burn Subcutaneous Fat

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Loose it!

Product Description:

Do you know that over 31% of the population in India is obese? Abdominal obesity is the primary cause of cardiovascular and other diseases. If you are overweight and on medication for it, start using Epica Oil for the best results. It is an Ayurvedic oil that has tremendous subcutaneous fat-burning properties. 

 Prepared by the highly-qualified Vaidya’s with over 20 years of experience, this oil can help you achieve a stout and toned figure in a few days. You can use this oil along with your internal medications and panchakarma practice for the best results.

 Key Ingredients in Epica oil

 The medicinal herbs in this fat-burning oil include:

  • Kadechirayeeta
  • Shunthi
  • Giloy

 You see, these medicines were prescribed in the Vagbhata Granth. It is one of the most ancient Granths in Ayurveda. It says that these three ingredients can work wonders on the excess fat below the skin that is medho dhatu. 

 They are mixed and prepared with til oil. It multiplies their effectiveness. Epica Oil is one of the best fat-burning oils that can help you in getting your dream figure. The medicinal properties of Epica promotes a healthy and lean physique.

 How to Apply?

  • Apply Epica Oil right before or after your exercise regime.
  • Multiply its effect by taking steam or hot water bath at the end.
  • Regular application will result in a toned and leaner appearance.
  • Recommended course of minimum 3 months with Krushika S Capsule and Slim & Sleek.