Epica U Tablets (60 Tablets)

Epica U Tablets (60 Tablets)

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Product Description of Epica U Tablets:

The Capital U in the Epica U Tablet stands for the uterus as these tablets by Prakruti Jiyofresh have mainly been created for all the women to treat the problems that they face because of issues in their uterus.

These tablets contain two main ingredients which are chandraprabhavati and padmakastha churna. Chandraprabhavati is a classical Indian medicine which is considered to be beneficial for problems in the uterus and the renal system. This ingredient is also an excellent and effective drug for all the urinary tract infections, for the reduction of fat in the lower abdomen and all other bodily activities taking place in the lower abdomen.

This ingredient has many healing properties, and therefore it is also known as “sarva roga hari”. This name describes the potential of the ingredient to fight against all the diseases.

Padmakastha churna is a very good uterine tonic that provides the uterus with the prithvi mahabhut.

Benefits of Epica U Tablets:

The Epica U tablets by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh provide relief in a lot of painful situations and are made to make the lives of the women a bit easier. Given below are the benefits of the product:

  • Provides significant relief to women who have scanty menses.
  • Helpful in abdominal pain
  • Suitable for Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Beneficial for couple planning for their baby
  • Fights against all menstrual disorders
  • Good for the bones

How to use Epica U Tablets:

This is a drug of choice which can be consumed from the beginning of menses to menopause. U tablet is preventive or curative medicine for every woman at every age.

Take 2 tablets before meals. Recommended course of minimum 3 months