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Fluary Tablet (60 Tablets)

Fluary Tablet (60 Tablets)

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Product Description and Benefits of using Fluary Tablets 

Flu is quite common in all age groups and sections. It can be allergic or even an infection that can cause flu; it can be viral or bacterial. Flu has very common symptoms like fever, headache, cough, cold, muscle ache, tiredness, etc. It is prevalent in people who have a weak immune system as they are at higher risk of catching the flu at smaller intervals.

The flu attacks the lungs and throat majorly and therefore a treatment from the root is required to fight against the flu.

 The Fluary tablets from Prakruti Jiyo Fresh aim at curing flu and treating it from the roots. The name Fluary means the flu; these tablets will fight against the flu and make them leave your body never to come back.

This tablet contains Laxmi Narayan ras. It is an ancient medicine for this condition and provides relief in sneezing, common cold, fever, etc.

It has other ingredients like Vekhanad, saindhav, shunthi, chitrak, and vidanga. All of these are for cough dosha.

Fluary tablets are useful in asthmatic conditions and especially in allergic bronchial asthma. All these medicines are hot. They have guna ushna. A lot of heat can be harmful to other body parts, and to counter this swarnagarik is used, which is cool in nature and will balance the equation.

It is beneficial for people who suffer from climatic changes and have allergies from dust and cold.

 Our vaidyas at Prakruti Jiyo Fresh have over 20 years of experience. They strive hard to create the best products that are lab-tested and chemical-free.

How to use Fluary Tablets?

    Advised usage: Adults – 2 tablets two times a day after meals with warm water. Children- 1 tablet two times a day after meals with warm water.

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