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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Healthy Digestion Combo: Digestive Care

Healthy Digestion Combo: Digestive Care

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Products Included in Healthy Disgestion Combo:

Product Descriptions: 

1) B.K tablets: Lack of proper digestion leads to various problems that annoy the person and hinders daily life. B.K Tablets by Prakruti Jiyofresh are very effective to treat all digestion related issues. These tablets help in getting relief from issues like acidity, gas formation, indigestion, hyperacidity, etc. Acidity might seem to be a mild problem which can be treated by small tricks and medicines, but you should know that chronic acidity might take the form of ulcers.  B.K Tablets have a mild laxative action which helps to relieve Constipation. The mild laxative action of B.K tablets is due to Sonamukhi and hirda.  

Suntha(Ginger), Jira, ova, Badishep(Fennel seeds) are mainly used to relieve acidity. Acidity mainly occurs due to hyper secretion of acid in the stomach and B.K tablets is the perfect solution for acidity.

Jeshthamadh(Licorice) is added in B.K tablets ad it has beneficial activity in healing peptic ulcers.

So B.K Tablets have a wide variety of uses right from Acidity to constipation and is a must keep at home when you have a lot of parties and heavy meals. Get B.K tablets now!

2) Saraghani Tablets: These days, many youngsters suffer from several health-related problems such as colitis, inflammatory bowel syndrome, abdominal pain, and indigestion because of lifestyle changes. Some of these problems are caused due to poor lifestyle choices, whereas others are caused by environmental factors. Each individual may present with a different set of symptoms.
Prakruti JiyoFresh has developed an Ayurvedic solution to these problems in the form of a tablet - The Saraghni Tablet.
The Saraghni Tablet consists of the following ingredients:
● Sunth powder, also known as ginger powder
● Shankhbhasm
● Kutach
● Suvarnagairik
All these ingredients are very effective in treating these health-related problems. Kutach comes with antiamoebic properties that are effective in resolving problems such as amoebiasis and colitis. An inflammatory bowel shows symptoms such as sticky stools, an increased urge to pass stool, abdominal pain, and acidity. Ingredients such as shankhbhasm and sunth powder are effective in providing relief from these symptoms.

How to use?

1) BK Tablets: Take 2 tablet after meals with warm water

2) Saraghani Tablets: Advised usage of the tablet:
● Take two tablets two times a day.
● For better results, take the tablets along with your meals.

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