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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Intune Tablets: Everything Regular (60 Tablets)

Intune Tablets: Everything Regular (60 Tablets)

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Product Description and Benefits of Intune Tablets

The major function of the Intune tablet by Prakruti JiyoFresh is to keep a female’s body synchronized. The name of the product is Intune, which means to be in sync. It is important for our bodies to follow a certain routine in order to be in proper health conditions. Intune tablets help in regularizing the menstruation cycle of all females by nourishing the reproductive system. The normal cycle occurs every twenty-eight days and it is required for the periods to be regular, as it is responsible for a variety of health-related issues.

PCOD and other problems during the course of menstruation are caused due to the changes in the hormones, majorly in the brain. In a female, the nourishment of uterus and ovaries is the most essential for regular menstruation. There is an alarming need for an effective product for the sound health of the same which also benefits the brain.

Key Ingredients in Intune Tablets

This tablet has been formulated keeping these factors in consideration. The various ingredients that Intune tablet contains are mentioned below along with their usage:

  • Giloy: It is very good for the treatment of long-term diseases. It is rasayan and is also helpful to reduce fever and helps to form blood cells.
  • Gokharu: The excreta which cannot be removed during menses is removed with the help of this ingredient through the uterus.
  • Safed musri: It is good for shukra dhatu nourishment and is also a good muscular tonic.
  • Gorakhmundi: It is a special herb which is used as a brain tonic but it has a bitter taste. It helps to reduce fat and helps to regularize the hormonal changes.
  • Shatavari: It is a good muscular tonic and is considered the best feminine tonic.

Intune tablets are the best tonic for reproductive system which help to regularize the menstrual cycle and it helps in the treatment of muscle related problems too.

How to use Intune Tablets:

2 Tablets before meals every day.
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