Nasya Oil

Nasya Oil

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Product Description:

In Ayurvedic Scriptures, a specific daily routine - also known as Dinacharya - has been described which includes several therapeutic procedures. One of the procedures is Nasya - applying oil in the nose. As per the authentic scriptures, Nasya has several health benefits like improvement in voice quality, increased shoulder strength, increased immunity to fight against bacteria, allergens and viruses and increased capacity to speak for a longer time.

Prakruti JiyoFresh’s Nasya Oil comes with multiple benefits:

  • Helps with the common cold and blocked nose
  • Helps prevent tonsillitis
  • Helps prevent allergies caused by smoke, incessant stick (Agarbatti) and perfume
  • Helps prevent allergies caused by certain food items too such as ice-cream and cold drinks

The Nasya Oil contains certain ayurvedic medication which gives instant relief from a blocked nose and nasal congestion. It treats the root cause of these problems - allergies. 

You just need to take 4 drops of the oil on your fingertips and apply it in both of your nostrils, 3 times a day. Make sure your hands are properly washed before applying the oil in your nostrils.

After applying the oil, some of you may experience some discomfort and irritation in your nose. But that’s only a sign as it indicates the oil is working. For such people, it is advised to take 2 drops of the oil instead of 3 drops. 

Get your Nasya Oil today and live a healthier life. The Vaidyas at Prakruti Jiyo Fresh have over 15 years of experience in product formulation. These products are skillfully tested in the laboratories and contain no steroids or heavy metals. All the products undergo an authentic manufacturing process. The team of doctors works under expert supervision to ensure you live a healthier life.