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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Nucal Tablets (60 Tablets)

Nucal Tablets (60 Tablets)

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Product Description of Nucal Tablets:

Nucal means a new type of calcium. Thus, this product by Prakruti JiyoFresh extensively focuses on the level of calcium present in your body. The bones of our body provide us with the body structure that we have; all our movements depend on our bone’s health and condition. Bones are made of calcium, and if we are calcium deficient, it will lead to multiple ailments.

The calcium supplements that we get today for joint pains and other related problems are mostly artificial calcium. The problem associated is that our bodies do not completely absorb them.

Ayurveda says that calcium metabolism is way more important than the supply as everyone is not malnourished or deficient of proper calcium. Still, the calcium that gets consumed is not absorbed properly by the bones. This happens because hormonal imbalances occur when the calcium is being absorbed by the small intestine.

Looking into these problems, the Nucal tablet has been introduced. The tablet is a product of healthy herbs and ayurvedic plants and helps in absorption of Calcium.

Key Ingredients in Nucal Tablets:

 It contains the following ingredients:

  • It has padmakashtha churana, which is vedana shamak and helps relieve pain.
  • It has Mandurbhasma for blood nourishment. It increases haemoglobin.
  • It has a Khadirgana herb that is best for bones.
  • It has Shatavari for calcium and haemoglobin absorption.
  • It has Shunthi (Ginger) for digestion.
  • It also has gum acacia, which is known for bone strengthening from ancient times. Mothers who have just delivered eat gum acacia laddoos, and these are also consumed in winters by everyone.

Benefits of Using Nucal Tablets:

This tablet works especially in osteoarthritis, spondylosis, osteoporosis, low back pain, calf muscle pain, all arthritis, and low energy levels.

 Our products are the result of over 20 years of hard work of vaidyas. They are safe to consume with no added chemicals in them.

How to use Nucal Tablets:

Take 2 tablets 2 times a day.

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