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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Rudya Tablets

Rudya Tablets

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Nowadays it is necessary to take care of the heart. Various hemodynamic diseases like increase in cholesterol level, blockages in heart veins etc can be caused due to unhealthy food habits, improper lifestyle and stress. For this Prakruti Jiyofresh has formulated Rudya tablets. Made from purely ayurvedic ingredients ensure proper functioning of the heart. Manages cholesterol levels and symptoms caused by hypertension like increase in heart beat, pressure on heart etc. Also promotes proper blood circulation within the body. Effective on issues like enlargement of walls of heart and manages the symptoms of Pulmonary edema. Healthy heart, happy life.


  1. Helps in proper functioning of the heart.
  2. Helps to manage cholesterol levels and problems caused to the heart by hypertension.
  3. Treats issues like swelling on heart walls and lungs.
  4. Ensures proper blood circulation in the body.

Key Ingredients:

Arjuna:  Arjuna known as cardio tonic helps reduce the risk of heart diseases. It strengthens and tones the heart muscles and helps in proper functioning of the heart. 

Ashwagandha: Helps to improve heart health by reducing cholesterol and triglyceride levels and also acts as a stress buster.

Giloy: Modulates lipid metabolism via inhibiting glucuronide and cholesterol and also protects hearts against infarction with its antioxidant properties. Helps in proper functioning of lungs and heart.

Punarnava: Reduces swelling on walls of heart and manages symptoms of  Pulmonary edema.

Khurasini Ova: Helps in proper blood circulation in the body and also keeps the heart healthy.

Garlic:  Known as heart tonic,treats various cardiac issues. Garlic is also known to reduce cholesterol.

What to expect? 

Green colored tablets which will take care of your heart and lungs.


2 tablets 2 times a day after meals.

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