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Prakruti Jiyofresh

S.D Mohini Face Pack (100 grams)

S.D Mohini Face Pack (100 grams)

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Product Description for S.D Mohini face pack:

Today the market is flooded with a variety of cosmetic products. There are thousands of brands that manufacture tons of products for the face and the body. People too blindly follow these products and keep investing massive amounts on these synthetic products.
But the unrivalled fact is that the importance and acceptance of the natural face packs will never decrease as every generation relies on the beauty of natural ingredients for their skin benefits.
The S.D Mohini face pack by Prakruti Jiyofresh is an excellent product that all the women and girls can use once in a week to notice results. It will make their skin healthy, beautiful, and bring natural glow and shine to it.
The skin of our face is way more sensitive than the skin of our body, and therefore the same products cannot be applied to both; this face pack is best for your face.
It is very useful in a lot of skin related problems.

Benefits of using S.D Mohini face pack:

Some benefits of the product are mentioned below:

  • It helps remove the blackheads and the whiteheads.
  • It helps in getting rid of pimples.
  • Helps to get rid of the dullness, dark spots, and the dark circles.
  • It makes the skin tone even.

 Key Ingredients in S.D mohini face pack:

It contains many natural ingredients which are mentioned below:
  • Multani Mati
  • Orange peel is used to nourish the skin.
  • Jestamadh is used to lighten dark circles and spots.
  • Sariva and Majestha are blood purifiers.

 This face pack also contains many herbs that are good for the skin.

How to use S.D Mohini face pack:

You should apply this once a week.

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