Stress Buster Combo | Super Saver Combo

Stress Buster Combo | Super Saver Combo

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Prabodhini Syrup:

Nowadays many women are facing problems of hormonal balance, stress, anxiety, anger issues and also various mental health problems during menopause. Children as well as adults have a lack of concentration and suffer from weak memory. So Prakruti Jiyofresh has formulated Prabodhini syrup. Enriched with pure ayurvedic ingredients helps to improve digestion and thereby balances the levels of hormones and also manages the mood swings during and before the periods. It also manages stress, anxiety and anger issues. It is effective against symptoms of weak memory and lack of concentration.

  1. Effective in  hormonal imbalance.
  2. Manages stress, anger, anxiety and mood swings.
  3. Improves concentration and memory.
  4. Relieves body heat and makes the body cool and calms the brain.

Jatamansi Tablets

Stress, anxiety, depression are Some of the most commonly used words nowadays not only by adults but also by teenagers and school going children. Competition, busy lifestyle, workload, whatever may be the reason for stress, eliminating it is the need of the era. For this Prakruti Jiyofresh has created Jatamansi tablet which is a natural stress reliever. It is also effective against insomnia  and manages symptoms of weak memory and poor mental alertness. So don't let stress ruin your happiness.

  1. Natural stress buster.
  2. Treats depression, anxiety and overthinking.
  3. Helpful in overcoming insomnia and manages symptoms of weak memory or poor mental alertness.



Prabodhini Syrup

Children: 2 tablespoons 2 times a day

Adults: 4 tablespoons 2 times a day

Jatamansi Tablets

 Adults: Take 2 tablets at night before sleeping.

Kids:     Take 1 tablet at night before sleeping.