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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Vedanari Liniment: No More Pains

Vedanari Liniment: No More Pains

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Product Description for Vedanari Liniment:

We all know how helpless we feel when we are in extreme pain. The Vedanari liniment by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh is a product which is very helpful in relieving pain instantly. It can be applied to all the body parts externally to receive instant relief.

This product has ingredients that are the most trusted ones to relieve pain. Its application is very simple. You just need to pour out two to three drops of the Vedanari liniment onto your palms and gently massage that on the affected area or is suffering from pain.

The name of the product is very much descriptive of the functions that it serves. Vedana means pain, and the syllable ‘ari’ means the enemy. This product helps to release the pain by fighting against it as its enemy. This product is a special formula to fight away all the pain and make you feel at ease.

It has a lot of ingredients in it that make it very effective and beneficial. Mentioned below is the list:

  • Gandhapura tel
  • Kapoor
  • Clove oil
  • Nilgiri oil
  • Gandhabiroja
  • Til tel

This unique formula is made by liniment preparation, and so there are no worries of stain, and it doesn’t require any massage or fomentation. This liniment is quite portable, and you can carry it with your luggage. You should always have a bottle at home as it provides relief in many problems like neck pain, tingling sensation, back pain, low back pain, muscle pain, calf muscle pain, chest pain, elbow, joint pain, and even for abdomen massage to relieve abdominal pain. It has all properties, which are “vata shamak”.

Prakruti Jiyo Fresh delivers such effective and chemical-free products with the help of vaidyas. They have 20 years of experience. The products are lab-tested and completely safe.

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Customer Reviews

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Oval Deoram Oval
30% result is achieved, but still using it to get at least 70% result so as to think it Fit.

see the above remarks.

Avinash Paradkar

Very good

Ravindra Mundhe
not so effective

not so effective for suggest anything else is required to be done.