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Prakruti Jiyofresh

Vedanari Tablet (60 Tablets)

Vedanari Tablet (60 Tablets)

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Product Description for Vedanari Tablet:

The name of the product suggests the intent of the product. Vednari is made up of two syllables which are ‘Vedana’ that means pain and ‘Ari’ that means enemy. This tablet provides relief in all types of pain by reducing vata dosha and it is a natural product by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh. 

According to the Ayurveda, every pain that is caused in our body arises due to vata dosha and vata medicines should be used for the treatment of all the severe pains. This tablet is made up of many natural ingredients which are yograj guggul, maha yograj guggul, agnitundi vati, swarnamakshik bhasma and swarnarajvangeshwar. All of these ingredients have the properties to reduce the vata dosha in our system. This product helps to cure all types of pains ,some of them are mentioned below:

  • Joint pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Cervical and lumbar spondylosis
  • Pain due to any vata vikaar

All the above-mentioned pains are relieved by regular consumption of Vedanari tablets. This product is advisable as it has the potential of curing pain for long terms and even permanently. It is not meant to cure pain temporarily so you may have to take this tablet for a couple of months

Indigestion also leads to pain and arthritis. These tablets reduce aama dosha that is caused due to the undigested toxins present in the body.

Our bone goes through some degenerative conditions like severe pain due to osteoporosis. Swarnarajvangeshwar present in this product is useful to reduce the degenerative changes in the bones.

Vednari tablets by Prakruti Jiyo Fresh are a classical choice for treating long term pain. Take 2 Vedanari tablets two times a day with lukewarm water to gradually reduce pain due to vata dosha.

 Note: This is not a Pain killer that temporarily relieves pain. Vedanari tablets will gradually relieve pain by reducing vata dosha.

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Customer Reviews

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Shilpa Bandekar
Superb Pain Treatment

The tablets have really made me free from pain in my heels and legs. Although the timeline is less, this medicine started giving it’s effect in such a small time frame itself. I ordered second batch of pills due to the trust this medicine has gained from my end. Even my Senior Citizen Mother has been taking this medicine and find some inprovement in her leg pain.


कृपया कराडमधील जियोफ्रेश शॉपीचा पत्ता द्यावा



Kavita Athvale